Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tattoo Soaps - Day 48 of 365 days of Soap

I have been wanting to try this technique since I very first started making soaps! I first saw the idea on this great blog, another great soap making resource. They actually sell transfer paper, so you can print out your own designs. The way my little soap business works, is I make little soap, sell it, and reinvest in more supplies (molds, raw soap, colors etc.). I don't think I have yet to make an actual cash profit, but I have a closet overflowing with molds and other fun stuff. So anyways, I've been saving up to buy some transfer paper. It's a little pricey, as far as soap supplies goes, but totally worth it. Then I usually get side tracked, and spend the money on packaging, or scents, or whatever. Then finally I was like light bulb! This paper is meant to be made for temporary tattoo's, why don't I just buy a couple of them and see how it turns out?!? Then Wa la, we now have day 48 soap! I'm still gonna save up for the paper because I have a few of my own design ideas, but for now it's Captain Jack Sparrow (another favorite of mine, wit whew).

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