Friday, April 29, 2011

April is Autism Awareness Month

Even though April is almost over, Autism is still here. Together we should spread autism awareness every month in hopes to find a cure, find support and educate!

In my shop I currently offer a set of puzzle piece soaps, and all of the proceeds are donated to a wonderful school for autism in Prescott, AZ called Ascend. Here is a small list of other etsy artist who donate some of their proceeds for the cause also!


This list is just a small number of artist, you can find many more on Thank you to everyone for spreading the love!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy Soap Party Favors

These cute favors I recently made for a wedding that was being held on the beach in San Diego. The seashells were the perfect shape to use for this party. To make these favors, or similar ones you will needs: 9 inch pre-cut circles of tulle, seashell or other shaped soaps (available at Soaps and Such by Holly), and ribbon ( I cut mine about 8 inches long).

First lay your soap a little above the center of one of your circles of tulle.

Now Gather the tulle at the top of the soap.

Tie a ribbon around the gathered tulle.

Now finish it off with by tying the ribbon in a little bow, and wa la you have a beautiful party favor :)

I hope you have fun making these pretty favors! If making favors isn't your thing you can still have them at your party by going to my shop under the "assembled party favors" section :)

Chalk it up!

This last weekend I went to the neatest festival called, "Chalk It Up" in Prescott, AZ. Visit their website to see all the great pictures, or to find out more.

I missed going when all the artist were creating their pieces of art, but I got to see the tail end of it Sunday morning. I put the kids in the stroller, and got a cup of coffee, and just really enjoyed being surrounded in so much color :) If you would like to see more the pics I took, check out my Facebook album titled, "Inspiration".

Thursday, April 14, 2011

365 Days of Soap

Back in February I watched a lecture by an artist named Noah who has a book about making something everyday for a year. He talked about how it helped his creativity. You can find more info on him at

I decided to take on this challenge, and make a different soap everyday for a year. Here you can see my interview if you scroll down to April 3rd, I've only been doing the project for a little while, and I have already learned so much. It takes a lot of commitment, and I applaud all who can complete this task with out any altering. I on the other hand have a very busy life, and tons of stuff always comes up. So I learned that I've got to keep going, and it okay for me to make adjustments. I'll try my hardest to stay on track, and I hope you enjoy all my new creations :)

Also, many of my soaps will be available for purchase at my shop, Soaps and Such by Holly.

If you would like to follow my project more closely, I update daily on my facebook fan page

Thanks so much,


So I was on Facebook today... multiple times, and I realized I think I need to start blogging all my updates. My soap shop has been open for over a year now, and I'm getting so much more to talk about :)

On this blog I will share all my soapy "Dish", and share some tutorials and how to's with you also. Some of my tutorials will be soap related, and other's will be the "such" in Soaps and Such by Holly. Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy it!