Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to: Fortune Cookie Soaps

These super cute soaps are very easy to make, just make sure you work quickly before your soap gets too hard. I apologize that my photos are not the best quality for this tutorial, I was trying to work fast lol.

You need:
White Soap
Light Brown/Yellow soap
Silicone Bread Pan
Silicone Jelly Roll Pan
Round Cookie Cutter

Step one: Fill the bottom of a silicone bread pan with white soap, about a 1/4 of an inch high. Let dry while you fill a silicone jelly roll pan about 1/4 inch high with light brown/yellow colored soap.

Step two: Cut the white soaps into strips that look like paper, mine were about 3 x 1/2 inches.

Step three: Take the light brown/yellow soap out of the jelly roll pan while its dry, yet still flexible. Cut out 4 circles using a round cookie cutter.

Step four: Lay a strip of "paper" in the middle of the circle, just under the halfway line.

Step five: Fold the circle in half in one direction, then half again in the other direction.

Wa la, you have fortune cookie soaps :)
To learn how to make these, I looked up a real fortune cookie recipe. Here's a link if you would like to check it out!

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